Photo-a-day challenge: 9 months in

Who here remembers their 2015 new year’s resolutions??

I know, I know. That was nine months ago, Emma, what are you thinking?

But I actually remember a couple of mine, mostly because they were things I wanted to do every day. Small tasks performed daily seems to be my sweet spot.

One of those was doing a photo-a-day challenge, with the results posted on Instagram.

Here’s my assessment of my progress, for those keeping track.

  1. My photos are getting more boring, with the exception of work- or vacation-related travel. My job is a touch more sensitive so I’m not taking photos during office hours, and that means that if I’m drained at the end of work, I just post a photo of something around the house. Boring and sometimes not high-quality.
  2. This past three months I’ve seriously missed some days. Some I can safely make the excuse of no internet/cell service during the cruise. I did take photos every day of the trip, but none posted on Instragram so I’ll disregard them in terms of choosing the best of the past three months. The other category of days missed is much more mundane: some days, I’m just exhausted at the end of the day. So I either a) take a picture of something random at the house, or b) don’t post. Last year I could usually find something, but having a job that’s more 9-to-5 and a bit more intense means that I’m not looking throughout the day for photo ops.
  3. I realized last week that I haven’t looked at one of those photo per day guides in months. They were helpful when I didn’t know what the photograph, but I rarely actually remembered at the beginning of the month to download their suggestions. I did today for October, as I thought about this blog post, but this is the first since April. Go figure.
  4. My phone pictures leave a lot to be desired. As I get more into the blogging world and enjoy following other bloggers, I realize that a big gap I have between myself and the big-time bloggers (whatever that means) is that they take photos on their real camera, edit them on their computers, then post them on Instagram. That, or they have the latest nice camera phone, which I do not. I stand behind my images — after all, my favorite ones are more about the people in them and the moments captured than the quality of the photos. Plus, when travelling the better photos are ALWAYS on my real camera and I’ll take iPhone photos as an afterthought. Still learning to be a good blogger, be patient with me.

Alright, those are my observations (and excuses) for the past three months. The fact is, I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this nine months in. There are definitely days I missed, but I like to strive for a goal while still having grace for myself.

Summer and fall have been full of trips, both work and fun, and it shows up in these photos. That, and lots of people I love dearly. In fact, only one of these photos was taken in my own town!

That’s the update! I’ll keep at it, and we’ll see how many days total I can get for 2015!

Anyone else still at it with their 2015 resolutions? I’d love to hear about it!

all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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