I went out of town for a week, andblog1 fall decided to arrive while I was gone! Which I’m pretty excited about (like every girl ever), but also not quite ready to give up on my summer dresses and sandals. Exhibit A: definitely wore a sleeveless maxi dress to church on Sunday – just threw a sweater over it and called it a day, nevermind that it was 65 and raining that morning.

I’m pretty behind on the travel/photography/life aspect of Teaspoon of Nose, which I’m hoping to focus on for the next couple weeks. Here’s a few things you can look forward to coming up soon:

  • More on our cruise vacation, including DSC_0336b
    our excursions!
  • Photo of the day update
  • Some shots from my weekend with family on Logan’s grandfather’s farm
  • Thoughts after flying first class for the first time ever
  • My latest adventure to London! It was a work trip, but we managed to do some fun traveller-type things too.

blog skyThat plus all the sweater/pumpkin/boots and other autumn staples you can think of. I’m hoping (like every young adult, I know) that life gets a touch more routine in the next month, which means more time for creative outlets like blogging, photography, and cooking.

In the meantime, though, here’s a cute screensaver from The Lovely Drawer. Enjoy!

all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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