Let’s Do This, 2020!

The new year is just around the corner, so it’s time for some 2020 goals!

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2020 will be here in a hot second so it’s time to set some goals!

Do you set goals each yet? Some go with goals, some choose intentions, some set words for the year.

I prefer goals plus along with grace if I don’t get them done. Treating goals like a bucket list instead of like a value-determiner (if that makes sense) has changed the way I look at goals and freed me up to set good ones without stressing too much about the final outcome!

Where did 2019 go?

What can I even say about 2019?

It was great. It was tumultuous. It was intense.

The headline, of course, is that we moved to Italy! Living abroad has been a dream of mine since I was 16, and it has been just as crazy and amazing and challenging as you might think. I love it here, I’m learning a ton, and after 5 months I’m still constantly baffled and delighted by this country.

I visited 10 countries, including 7 for the first time! I headed down to Barbados for one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended. We explored Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia on weekends with friends. I hunted Christmas markets to my hearts’ content in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Salzburg Christmas market should definitely make your list of European Christmas markets worth exploring. From great food to gorgeous crafts, there's so much to see and try!

2020 Goals

My goals for 2020 are mostly simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple. I’m trying to set goals that I can make both make visible progress with and not create stupid hoops to jump through.

Brainstorming goals for the year!

Speak Italian well, if not fluently. Honestly, this is the most important one to me. I can already understand a lot, but I joke that I speak toddler Italian. I really want to not stumble through the language, but be able to engage well. I want to be able to have coffee with my 80-year-old neighbor who speaks no English but loves my dog. I’ve got a lead on an Italian conversation partner for January and will keep taking classes, so here we go!

Take photos every day. Again, not complicated. I want to bust out my real camera more and continue to capture daily life. It’s easy to take tons of photos when we travel, but there’s so much of our town that I want to keep recording.

Try a new thing each week. This can be anything. Explore a new city, find an Italian vet for the dog, try a new restaurant. I know that sometimes the tendency can be to go back to the old familiar after the initial adjustment to a new place, and I want to keep actively engaging in Italian culture.

Travel to at least five new countries. Romania is tentatively on the calendar, and I’m hoping to spend some time in January stalking cheap flights. I’ve also got my eye on San Marino and Montenegro, and hopefully several more!

Meditate more. Like every millennial, I’m trying to meditate regularly. It’s just such a simple way to care for myself that I have no idea why I don’t do it all the time. Especially when apps like Calm and Headspace make guided meditation so effortless.

Build good morning and evening routines. I’m one of those people who thrive with structure, and over the past few years, I’ve had to create any structure I experience day to day. I want to be intentional with how I start and end my days. Given how much we travel, I’d also like to figure out how much of them can be taken on the road!

Take a weekend trip and a day trip each month. At least that much, I hope! There are a ton of great spots worth exploring within an hour or two of here that we haven’t seen yet. Logan has a packed work schedule this spring, so I’m trying to be a little more forward-thinking for our weekends!

Make 2018 & 2019 photo albums. I used to make photo albums every year! I loved having pictures printed and in hand to flip through instead of hidden away on hard drives. In the craziness of the past year, I’ve done almost no work on creating anything with my photography outside of website content. I love Shutterfly for the right balance of quality and price – the bonus is that they’re almost always having a sale.

Did you set 2020 goals?? I’d love to hear them – let me know below!

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