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Hey friends out there in blog-land!
Many of you may already know this, but for those who don’t, I’m going on staff with an organization called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Its an international campus ministry that I’ve been involved with as a student for the past four years. Basically next year I’ll be at the University of Virginia, spending time with students and exploring alongside them who God is and how He applies to life- both big-picture and in the day-to-day.

Like many others working in this sort of position, I fundraise my salary and ministry expenses. For the next year, I need to raise $39,400 to get me on-campus full time. I’ve spent most of the summer fundraising, and I’ll move up to Charlottesville as soon as I reach 90% of that goal.

After talking to my area director today, I found out that if I can have 75% of that number committed by Saturday or Sunday, I can go up to Charlottesville next week to be part of the chapter’s leadership retreat (which they have every year before school gets going). Having that much committed means that people have said that they can give X amount over the next year (some in the form of monthly gifts, some as one sum). As of right now, I’ve got 68% committed- God has been so good in providing supporters. That’s only a difference of about $2600.

If you think that you can support me, that would be amazing! Please email me, call me, Facebook message me, and let me know how much you can give. I would absolutely love to be up there next week to meet the leadership team, get involved, and see the beginnings of what I’m sure will be a great year.

Whether or not you can support, please pray that God would raise up supporters for me and give me courage in the next couple days to work hard and ask boldly.

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