My big post-grad plans

Last time I promised to fill in more about what I’m up to after graduation, so here it is!

This fall I’m going on staff with an organization called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It’s a campus ministry, meaning that as a staff, my role is to spend time with students. I believe that college students are at a crucial age in life where we really tackle the questions of identity, such as who am I? Who is God? Does he apply to my life? It’s been through the relationships I’ve formed in InterVarsity that I have approached these questions both for myself and learning to walk alongside friends dealing with them. InterVarsity has had a profound impact on my life, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve other college students in the way that my staff have served me.

I have been involved with InterVarsity all four years at UNC. InterVarsity has provided me with community on campus- a group of people who love the Lord, want to see Him work in our lives and be a part of His work on campus. Through InterVarsity I have been encouraged in my walk with the Lord, challenged in my understanding of God, and pushed me to live out my faith concretely in a global setting.

Initially I did not want to go on staff with InterVarsity. My staff workers at UNC encouraged me to apply, but I had doubts that it was where God wanted me after graduation. God has used me a lot in the lives of friends who have no interest in Christ or setting foot in a church: we build relationships (and trust) and then have a lot of deep conversations about God. Because of the way God has used me in these relationships, I was afraid that by having “Christian” in my job title would not make future relationships like this possible. But a few days before my interview for InterVarsity, I was struck by the fact that when we follow Christ, our lives are not our own. This is such a freeing thought to me: if God wants me on staff, he is powerful enough to continue using me in these relationships. My hang-ups are not big enough to prevent God’s plan. This realization got me excited to go on staff and serve students.

As a campus staff intern (which is my title the first year on staff), I will be serving students in a variety of ways: teach the Bible, disciple students individually, offer leadership training, care for students, and share the gospel with the University of Virginia campus. As an intern there will also be a learning/training component for me: I am working under the supervision of another staff who will offer guidance and meet with me weekly encouraging and challenging me in my leading of students and my walk with the Lord.

Tomorrow I head up to Charlottesville for the leadership team retreat – it’ll be my first time meeting the UVa students I’ll be working with all year long, so I’m really excited!

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