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Getting Messy with All She Wrote Notes!

I recently had the opportunity to take a chalk lettering class!

Growing up, I have always thought of myself as not having particularly good handwriting, or talented in the drawing/painting arena. Somewhere, my mom is shaking her head in disagreement. But I’ve thought this of myself.

However in the past couple years I’ve grown in my interest in these things. There’s a big part of me that’s a creative at heart, and I want to stretch myself in finding outlets for this piece of me. So when my friend asked if I wanted to join her with an evening of chalk lettering, I jumped at the chance!

Chalklettering lesson with All She Wrote Notes!

The class was taught by Maghon of All She Wrote Notes, which is her adorable calligraphy shop based in Raleigh, NC. She sells stationary and paper products, as well as fun party gear like balloons, coozies, totes and tons more. Plus, everything she does she can customize. Everything is adorable! She also teaches classes in calligraphy, hand lettering, and chalk lettering, which is how I ended up here.

The  night was hosted by the UNC General Alumni Association, which I am a proud life member. (Go Heels!) They put together all kinds of events for alums: fun gatherings, viewing parties (both local and for those faraway heels that can’t make it back for the games),and some sweet discounts around town. Shameless plug, I’m a fan.

Initially Maghon told her story – her life as it led her to full-time supporting herself through All She Wrote Notes. What started as a kid’s love of doodling turned into a craft that allowed her to eventually quit her 9 to 5 and support herself with this creative process that she loves!

Then we got into the chalk! We learned a couple different techniques for creating different types of lines, as wells as the ways that traditional calligraphy deviates from chalk lettering. The funnest way: you get messy! But this lets you create some effects not as simple on paper.

We did a bunch of different types of fonts, a couple stylized designs, and some banners to give our creations a pop! It was fun to follow Maghon’s lead and then put your own personal spin on it.

After leaning all our techniques, we create our final artsy product:

Chalklettering lesson with All She Wrote Notes!

In true Tar Heel spirit, we chose “Hark the Sound.” We incorporated a couple different elements we learned into one cohesive design.

Chalklettering lesson with All She Wrote Notes!This was SO MUCH FUN! Something about the messiness of the chalk made the process less perfection/performance oriented and freed me up to just have fun with it!

Honestly,  hearing her story may have been my favorite part. I walked away inspired to figure out what ways my creativity could turn into a job (either side or full time!) particularly given our military-dictated life upcoming life trajectory. Even if decorative chalk lettering isn’t precisely my career plan, I’m excited to explore other artistic options!

Thanks GAA and Maghon for a truly inspiring evening!!


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