Five Atlanta Restaurants You Haven’t Tried Yet

These Atlanta restaurants may be off the beaten path but are worth seeking out!

These Atlanta restaurants may be off the beaten path but are worth seeking out!

Atlanta has so much great food. Every time I visit I try something new and delicious. That being said, so much of the food in midtown takes forever to get to AND parking is a pain. So today I thought I’d round up a few options outside the chaos and worth checking out!

Papi’s Grill

Cuban food you’ll wish you could eat every day! Seriously, Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill whole menu is fantastic. Ropa vieja and vaca frita are my favorites, and the empanadas are little pockets of heaven. Don’t skip the milkshakes, either: they’re unbelievably good, especially mango.

With three locations in the Atlanta area, you can probably find an excuse to head by one.

These Atlanta restaurants may be off the beaten path but are worth seeking out!

Apres Diem

Their brunch is really good, but the sandwiches and salads were my favorite. It’s the kind of menu where you can’t choose because everything sounds good. I went with the veggie sandwich and practically inhaled it: anything with goat cheese, avocado and hummus has got to be good, right?

Nestled into Midtown, it’s super close to Piemont Park and makes a great lunch spot after a morning in the park. My friend’s book club meets at Apres Diem because it’s a great location for people coming from all over Atlanta and has plenty of parking.

Cafe Intermezzo

This place has everything you dream of in a cafe. Cafe Intermezzo feels like it’s been airdropped straight from Paris. From the cafe tables and patio fountain to the dark wallpaper and detailed drinks list, it’s the perfect surprise in a suburban shopping center in Dunwoody.

The hardest decision is whether to get a fancy espresso drink, a fancy cocktail, or a glass of wine. I’ve been a few times, and have yet to order a drink (in any category) I didn’t love. The food is also excellent, but make sure you save room for dessert because they have an extensive cake selection that begs at least a look. And don’t worry, someone will help you identify each mouthwatering one to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

These Atlanta restaurants may be off the beaten path but are worth seeking out!


You know those nights where your group can’t decide what they want to eat? Zest can please any crowd with a mix of sushi, tapas, and oysters on the half shell. When I went, I opted for sushi and oysters (problem with living in a landlocked state… I always choose seafood) and they were delicious! Their menu has a TON of options, making it perfect to mix and match the different types of sushi and tapas with a group.

It’s located in Roswell, a tiny historic town north of Atlanta. It makes a great afternoon jaunt: spend some time exploring the quaint main street before grabbing dinner. Don’t miss the antique store tucked around the corner!

Bonus: The Painted Duck

Yes, they have food. We mostly went to The Painted Duck for drinks and bowling.

First, let’s talk about these drinks. They’ve got all the standards, plus some fun specialty cocktails. When I went, I got a Glam Pop which has some magic called glitter soda in it. My drink was sparkly, people. It was beautiful and strange and mesmerizing. Trust me, a glittery drink is worth checking out.

Normally I don’t like bowling. Bowling is one of those sports that’s only fun when you’re at least okay at it, and I am terrible. Need the bumpers up to not throw gutterballs every time terrible. So it’s not that fun to me.


What if the ball was the size of a softball, and everyone was equally thrown off by the different size and weight?

That is way more fun, my friends.

So get yourself over to the Painted Duck, get a sparkly drink and go tiny bowling. It’ll be a good night, I promise.

Just a few Atlanta restaurants that you should check out! Most aren’t in the heart of the city, hopefully giving you some options that don’t require tons of sitting in traffic or fighting for parking.

Want more Atlanta fun? Check out the Beltline, Aquarium, or the Botanical Garden!

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