The Best Restaurants in Brussels

Try these restaurants in Brussels to get the best of Belgian food!

Try these restaurants in Brussels to get the best of Belgian food! From fries and waffles to seafood and meat, I've got you covered!

Everything here is my own opinion and I received no compensation for this post. It also contains affiliate links. If you have any questions about this, just click here! All content copyright Teaspoon of Nose 2012-2024.

Everything here is my own opinion and I received no compensation for this post. It also contains affiliate links. If you have any questions about this, just click here! All content copyright Teaspoon of Nose 2012-2024.

When it comes to eating while traveling, I’m a big believer in eating the local options because they never disappoint! So I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite restaurants in Brussels.

There are a few things you absolutely have to eat in Belgium! Rather than list out my favorite restaurants and bars as I typically do in a city food guide, I’ve organized it by where to get the best version of classic Belgian dishes.

Chez Leon main dish Brussels restaurants
Maison Dandy Liege waffles restaurants in Brussels


You probably knew this one. But don’t go somewhere and order a Belgian waffle! That’s not really a thing. There are two kinds: Brussels, which is a bit closer to what we call a Belgian waffle, or Liege, which has bits of sugar in the batter that gets caramelized and crispy when it bakes.

If you only try one, definitely go Liege waffle. Belgians typically eat waffles with no toppings or with just powdered sugar, but the liege waffles is so delish that it makes sense!

The locals usually buy their waffles from food trucks. They’re guaranteed fresh because there’s no storing them for later in that small a space. So if you see a truck, grab a waffle!

Maison Dandoy is a waffle chain with a ton of locations. The waffles are SO good! I had a liege waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and ate every crumb! It’s worth the hype. They also offer them to go, making it easy if you just want to grab something quick.

Belgian fries


Fries are big here! In fact, I’m not really sure why Americans call them French fries, because fries as we think of them are from Belgium. They’re delicious and perfectly salty. Locals eat them with mayo, but most places have ketchup if you’d rather that. Don’t be surprised if they charge for condiments; it’s normal here.

Like waffles, the best place to get fries is from a food truck. There’s a particularly good one behind this church that nearly always has a line of locals, so start here!

A local told me that you can tell if they’re authentically made by checking if they have multiple fryers – technically they’re twice-fried at two temperatures, so there’s no way to do it right with only one. This assumes you can see the kitchen before you order though, so I’m not sure how helpful this is in real life.

I hesitate if I want to recommend Fritland or not. The fries are good, but the sandwiches are gross. This spot is clearly here for the tourists. But it’s conveniently located, fast, and the fries are tasty.

Moeder lambic bar Brussels Belgium


Belgian beer is a must! Belgian beer has always been a favorite of mine. The reality is that there are a bunch of types of Belgian beer, so it’s good to talk to the bartender and get some ideas of what you may like! I love Trappist ales and Tripels – they’re smooth, strong, and not too bitter, but tend to have higher alcohol content. Sours and lambics are also a popular style here!

If you like Belgian beer, you’ve heard of Delirium. They have a series of bars in Brussels, each with slightly different offerings. It’s a great spot to try something new and take a break for an hour!

Moeder Lambic was ranked in the top 50 beer bars in the world, so it’s a definite visit! The vibe is modern and cool but still a beer bar if that makes sense. They have a ton of options on tap, so it’s a great place to try something new and people watch for a bit!

If you want to visit a brewery, there’s an easy top choice: Cantillon. It’s a Brussels institution and a must-visit if you like beer. It sits about 20 minutes’ walk outside the city center, but it’s open during the day for tours and tastings!

Au Solei sits in a funky neighborhood only a few blocks away from the Grand Place, but has a completely different feel. It’s a little hipster and definitely where the locals go. It’s both a bar and coffee shop, so get whatever sounds good and soak up local Brussels life for a bit. While I was there, a neighborhood parade went by and it was the most quintessential local experience you could ask for!

street festival Brussels Belgium


Belgian chocolate takes the opposite approach of Belgian beer: there are very narrow definitions and specific standards for Belgian chocolate. And trust me, it’s so worth it.

Laurent Gerbaud was recently ranked Brussels’ best chocolatier in 2021! I bought some here and savored every bite! You can also sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in their shop if you want to take a great.

Neuhaus Chocolatiers is the original creator of Belgian praline and the first to receive a royal Belgian warrant (basically, supplies the royal household).

Chocolaterie Mary was the first woman-run shop to gain traction as a chocolatier and also the first woman to receive a royal warrant for chocolate. Both have shops inside Les Galeries Royale Saint-Hubert if you find yourself there!

Belgian chocolate in Brussels


If you find yourself needing to balance out all these carbs, go for seafood! Belgians eat a lot of seafood, especially mussels. If you’re traveling with a group, ordering a massive bowl of mussels to share is a classic choice.

Chez Leon sits right in the middle of things and is popular for a reason. While often full of tourists, the food is good, so I say it’s worth considering. They also offer a good lunch du jour option with three courses for 19€ – a good deal in Brussels. It also lets you try some of the most popular dishes without ordering a giant serving. The cheese croquette was my favorite thing here, but it’s also a good spot for mussels!

If you want a nice meal, the universal favorite among locals was Au Stekerlapatte. Authentic Belgian food, a bit nice but nothing too extravagant. It’s the kind of place to go with a group to try one of everything on the menu!

Chez Leon Restaurants in Brussels Belgium

Other Great Brussels Restaurants

If you need a break from heavy carbs, go try Poi Chiche. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant with plenty of plant-based options absolutely packed with flavor! I ordered a mixed platter to go and practically licked the plate. My favorite bite was the stuffed grape leaves, but everything was amazing!

For a great breakfast and the perfect coffee shop to spend a few hours, head to Jat Cafe. They have good coffee, comfortable seating, and a good breakfast menu! For a girl who almost never gets access to bagels, theirs were a welcome treat! It’s not the cheapest breakfast, but it runs average to Brussels pricing.

And to finish on a Belgian note, head to 9 & Voisins. Of all the restaurants in Brussels that I tried, this may have been my favorite. It’s an old-school restaurant with chalk menus and a great wine and beer list. A friend took me here and it was such a great find! I don’t put it under the seafood category because their specialty was definitely land protein, although there were a few seafood options. I had the Carbonade flamande, a Belgian beef stew. It was so rich and hearty, perfect for a cold night!

bagel restaurants in brussels
JAT coffee breakfast spot

I hope you love the restaurants in Brussels as much I do! If you stay in Brussels for a while, it’s definitely to eat.

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