Reading: The Bookshop On The Corner

The only way I can think to describe this book is lovely. It’s just lovely. The story is sweet and meaningful and about taking risks and caring for people, without feeling like you must go do something crazy in order to identify with this book.

Jenny Colgan’s novel is a book about books: a librarian finds herself without a job as her branch closes down.  Rather than convert to the technology-driven, book-minimizing library of the future, she dreams of opening a bookshop where she can recommend the perfect book for anyone looking, even if they think they’re not a reader.

Looking for a great fiction read? I loved the Bookshop on the Corner!

In the process she heads to  the Scottish Highlands and learns the life of a small town bookseller, exposing her to a new way of life that’s full without being hectic and to people who care more about local cheeses than Instagram.

The Bookshop On The Corner has all the best parts of literature: a love story. Self discovery. Caring for the community. Serving the uncared-for. Learning new passions.

With scenes recalling Pride & Prejudice and Little Women, the literary references feel fun and fitting to a book about a bookseller. The characters – ahem, people – she meets are recognizable and lovable without being full-on cliché.

In a world full of so much intensity right now, reading about a person who fulfilled her passions and enjoyed her life in such an everyday way felt comforting. She falls in love, confronts her fears, makes mistakes, and helps those around her – all in the space of a relatable life.

Looking for a great fiction read? I loved the Bookshop on the Corner!

While I confess I read it on my iPad (oh irony), it reminded why I love bookshops and books and the magic of holding a captivating novel in my hands.

The story ends a bit abruptly and not quite how you’d expect. But then again, isn’t that true of all happily-ever-afters? It’s a book that’s truly a pleasure to read.

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