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Summer evenings in Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens10

Summertime studying is always a womp-womp. No one wants to do it, no matter how old you are. And my poor husband has to dedicate his entire summer to preparing for the bar. It’s been serious business around here: we’re more like ships in the night these past few months. Even most of his meals are spent studying.

So the past few Sunday evenings we’ve made the effort to change locations of the studying. First up: a summertime picnic & cram session at Duke Gardens!

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

Nothing fancy: fruit, bread, edamame, dumplings. But perfect for a spur of the moment picnic!

After a few hours of reading, I decided to wander the gardens while he furiously scribbled  practice essays. Duke Gardens is massive, and right next to Duke Chapel. If I were a Duke student, I’d bring my books out here at least once a week for afternoons of sunshine studying and walks!

The park has stunning flowers, but it’s so much more than a flower garden. There’s a field perfect for ultimate frisbee games or Shakespeare in the park, a Japanese garden, a native plants area, and a gorgeous gazebo that’s covered in wisteria each spring.

Duke Gardens13

On our picnic, the midsummer evening glow cast everything in a calming light, perfect for a quiet walk with my thoughts.

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

Campus just beyond the trees.

Duke Gardens02

Duke Gardens03

Plenty of wildlife, including this Great Blue Heron that watched me warily as I tried to get a shot.

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

He didn’t stick around for long though.

Duke Gardens06

Entry to the park is free, although the parking is not during the day. Bringing a picnic and making an evening of it is the best way to go!

Duke Gardens14

Duke Gardens04

Duke Gardens15

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