A Chill Bachelorette Weekend

This has been the summer of roommate weddings. Not one but two of my college roommates are tying the knot! I’m so excited for Cason & Taylor as they take this next step in their relationship together, and their wedding last month was an absolute blast!

A relaxing bachelorette weekend at the NC coast!

As a bridesmaid I didn’t get to take many photos at the big day, but I can share a bit about Taylor’s relaxing beach bachelorette weekend back in June!!! (Pardon the grainy photos, it was a cell phone picture kind of weekend.)

We rented this adorable AirBnb for our getaway. I have to say, it was perfect! The five of us had just the right amount of space for a really reasonable price. We could see the ocean from our balcony and had a pool practically outside our door, but also couldn’t hear our neighbors (always a plus!). The place is also located only 5 minutes from Morehead City for restaurants and shopping options.

A relaxing bachelorette weekend at the NC coast!

For our weekend, the priorities were beach time and silliness! Even though we lived together in college and have all stayed close in the years since, we don’t get to see nearly enough of each other. Add to that the normal chaos of life in your twenties, and each of us felt that ache for the salt water and sea breeze!

One thing I loved was that Tay wanted just her bridesmaids. So the five of us were already close enough to jump straight into our goofy camaraderie as soon as we arrived.

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In matching bridesmaid and bride-to-be sunglasses, we headed off to brunch at The Banks Grill where we filled up on coastal omelettes and BLTs. We needed a good meal to fuel our day on the beach!!


Creel women forever!!

A relaxing bachelorette weekend at the NC coast!

One of the best parts: a pod of dolphins swam through the surf right in front of us! They played, flipped and surfed for a good 20 minutes!! I nearly swam out there to join them, but didn’t want to scare them away. Next time!!

After a full day at the beach, we headed inside to freshen up and get dinner! Laura made tostadas, which I am now a big fan of and will be making sometime soon. It’s a great way to feed a crowd and let everyone personalize their meal.

A relaxing bachelorette weekend at the NC coast!

Some assembly required – just like most of the best things in life.


My tostada: black beans, chicken, guacamole, lettuce, piled high on a toasted corn tortilla. Yum!

A relaxing bachelorette weekend at the NC coast!

We had a great time! Thanks Taylor, for letting us celebrate you!

photo creds to the lovely ladies of the bridal party! Food photos copyright Teaspoon of Nose


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