Goals: May

Happy May from Oklahoma!

 Goals for May: get things done!

April has been a whirlwind of a month. I started it in Montgomery, spent a week back in my hometown, a bachelorette weekend at an amusement park, back to Alabama for Logan’s graduation, and finally back to Oklahoma with a new puppy in tow!

Since coming back, its been mostly about settling back into Altus life. Logan’s been full steam ahead at work, and I’ve been working hard on some custom wedding invitations that I’ll be sharing with you very soon!

Goals for May: get things done!

Here’s how April went:

  • See Logan graduate from trainingSuccess!! We had a blast and he’s now diving into the JAG office.
  • Head back to Oklahoma – We’re here! While I miss traveling and seeing so many people we love, I’m happy to be in my own bed and have my kitchen back.
  • Continue to grow my paper goods, including branching more into invitations – Yes! I’ve done some really fun custom work lately, which I will hopefully be able to share with you this month. But I’m continually adding products, so keep checking my Etsy shop for the newest gold foil beauties!
  • Celebrate my birthday! – Yes! We grilled some steaks and hung out with friends.
  • Read 7 books – Check! But several were pretty short ones, I’m definitely reading less as business things pick up.
  • Write 8 blog posts – check! I’ve been doing a ton of writing about my latest travels that I can’t wait to share with you!
  • Exercise 5x/week – ha. Nope. But I did see my doc about my breathing problems and she says I’m allergic to Oklahoma and the congestion is affecting my breathing. So I’m working on dealing with the allergies now. It’s a start!
Goals for May: get things done!
North Carolina does spring right!

I’m starting to figure out a new routine with my paper company and keeping up with our new puppy! Let’s be honest, those two things are the main things running my days right now. And I’m loving it!

Goals for May:

  • Stock Etsy shop with art prints & invitations
  • Train Wedge: learn down, come, heel, and reinforce what he’s already learned
  • Work on Spanish with Rosetta Stone 2x/week
  • Read 7 books
  • Write 9 blog posts
  • Exercise 5x/week


Goals for May: get things done!
Post-bath Wedge

I also realized that this is the first year in 23 years that I’m not thinking on an academic timeline. Usually April and May are full of end-of-year events, either for me, my students, or my husband. My brothers are graduating from college this month and some dear friends are finishing up graduate degrees, but I can’t believe we’re already to the end of school!

What does your month look like? Anyone out there have graduations they’re celebrating??

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