Life lately: it’s happening!

Drumroll please, because the Myricks know where they’re moving!

Our first assignment will take us to Altus, Oklahoma!

There, Logan will be a first lieutenant and officially start his work as a JAG. Altus Air Force Base is right outside of the town. I confess I’d never heard of Altus before yesterday. It’s a small town, a really small town – about the size of the undergrad population at my alma mater. It’s in the southwest corner of OK, nearly on the border with Texas. We’ll be two hours from Oklahoma City and about four from Dallas. I’ve been to Oklahoma City and another small town in Oklahoma briefly, but I’m excited for the chance to spend more time there!

Our first assignment: Oklahoma!
Not Altus, but another small town in Oklahoma.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such a remote location. But what I did  want was a new experience (check) in a new part of the country or world (check), so I’m excited to start this next stage of life.

To celebrate, we spent lunch yesterday looking up random facts about Oklahoma. Here are a few gems:

  • The state insect is the European honey bee.
  • Whaling is illegal in Oklahoma.
  • It’s only had its statehood for 109 years – est. 1907.
  • Tulsa’s Oktoberfest is apparently a big deal, according to USA Today and Bon Appetit (via wikipedia).
  • There’s actually a lot of shoreline in the state, of rivers and lakes.

The timeline of our move remains unclear. We may stay in NC until Thanksgiving, just to make the holidays as uncomplicated as possible. I’ll keep you posted!

We’re actually moving out of our apartment this week – we had to go ahead and give notice on our apartment before we knew the timeline, and we have two sets of Sainted Parents Who Will Store Our Stuff In Their Garage And Host Us Until We Move. So we’re madly packing right now. Which, for an organizer like me, is a double edged sword. I adore the sorting/purging/categorizing opportunities, but I often get bogged down in the “What room should I focus on? Can I live without this for a month? What’s the best way to pack books? Is this cushioned enough for movers to not destroy it?” trains of thought.

Moving to Oklahoma
Progress so far. We don’t actually buy liquor by the case; ABC stores are the best place to get free boxes.

This is my first grown-up move: I’ve done cross town moves a bunch, and did the fresh out of college car move up to Virginia and back, but this is the first move involving 4+ hours of driving. Any advice???

Also, anyone been to southwest Oklahoma? I’d love to hear any advice on living there or fun things to do!!! Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Life lately: it’s happening!

  1. Some thoughts I had about Altus, OK, in no particular order:
    1. you can keep your southern accents.
    2. good chance that churches will outnumber any other single type of business/ entity.
    3. the pop is almost 50% more than LG OR, and you KNOW that’s a nice place.
    4. it’s not a Dakota.
    5. it’s not actually Texas.
    6. the people will be super friendly.
    7. 3 star hotels average $71, good for guests.
    8. There are apparently no stars more than 3, so no need to guests to act fancy or pay for valet parking.
    9. good place to ride bikes, very flat. I’m guessing.
    10. BIG ADVENTURE!!!!!!!

    1. hahahaha I laughed out loud reading this. Yes! For real, I am excited to live in a different part of the country but still be in a place where sweet tea is not seen as insane. Plus there’ll be great BBQ and mexican food, two important food groups in my world.

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