restarting: an attempt

I’ve often thought about restarting my blog*. I was always sporadic at best, put it down shortly before the wedding with the intention of picking it back up, and nearly two years later here we are. 

Two main reason I haven’t blogged: 
– I don’t know if I’m clever enough for this. Let’s be honest, we choose the blogs we love based on how clever they are or what we can learn from them. Hyperbole and a Half? Hilarious. The Big Picture = educational, current-eventy, and fascinating. Or friends whose blogs allow me to keep up from afar. Thanks social media. And while I think my life is pretty full, if you ask me what I did last night the answer probably involves netflix. Which is totally newsworthy. 
– I don’t know if anyone told you, but figuring out this whole adulthood thing is a full time job. There are bills to pay and futures to plan and laundry to do and dinner to shop for and cook and research on getting a car for when yours finally kicks the bucket. And possibly if you can get to it, there’s the gym and catching up with friends.   So at the end of the day, blogging sort of fell to the bottom of heap. 
Periodically I’ve thought about restarting this: after all, I like to write. I do things that other people blog about. Cook! Take photos! Read books! Do embarrassing things! Learn cool facts! 
And then I found myself with a day off (thanks, Labor Day!) that I was too lazy to do much after getting the bare minimum of groceries,** so I decided to make an attempt. And here it is. So we’ll see where this goes. 
Until next time, blog world. 
*in the process of redesigning it, as well. May as well do it right
**Fun fact, lost the grocery list again between leaving my house and getting to the store, so we’ll see if I managed to remember the important stuff. 

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