Three months

Today is our three-month wedding anniversary.


Crazy to think that we’ve been married for three months! It has flown. Between the wedding, the honeymoon, beginning to understand a new normal, the holidays, and two work trips for me, it feels like a blur.

Three months ago today, I woke up at 6:30 am to a congratulations text. I fumbled downstairs in our hotel and ate two bites of eggs sitting next to an family friend. As she excitedly asked me questions, I had to think hard to make sentences. My friend staying with whisked me back upstairs to get ready to go.

The church, where we found our classroom/staging area. I took a peek into the reception area, where some dear friends were handling all the set up and decor for my mom & I. A great friend graciously did my hair and makeup before anyone else arrived. She even thought ahead enough to bring some music, and Jack Johnson joined the party. My bridesmaids trickled in, each of them excited and joking about how they didn’t sleep at all last night; how I magically transferred any nerves onto them instead of me.

That morning everything seemed to fit together just so. Right as Erin finished my hair, my dad came in. Now photos outside. Now the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day. The ceremony was so special. I barely remembered the things that Alex said (later on I had to ask him to send me his notes  to remember!) but I remember the moments. Dad and I trying to pull ourselves together right before we walked down the aisle. Seeing my bridesmaids, as happy for me as I was, standing up there to support us. Logan, holding my hand. The sight of the auditorium full of people we love from around the world. Catching the eyes of the groomsmen, full of a calmer, steadier sort of excitement than us ladies. Walking back down the aisle with Logan, thinking, now we’re married. Now we’re married. Now we’re married. 

That thought had played in repeat the past three months. As we danced and laughed with friends and family at the reception. As we waited for our plane to arrive at 6 am. When we would come home from work to find the other waiting for us. Waking up next to each other. Spending Christmas morning together, just the two of us.

It’s been a good three months, y’all.

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