Spring Bucket List

Spring being just around the corner means it’s time for a Spring Bucket List!

Spring being just around the corner means it's time for a Spring Bucket List!

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It may technically still be freezing most days here in Oklahoma, but I’m promoting us to spring!

I’ve started thinking of the seasons by months rather than the official dates because it’s not like the weather follows the solstices anyway! And where I grew up, my favorite spring flower – daffodil – usually blooms in February anyway. So let’s do this, spring!

The Winter List

Has anyone else felt like this winter was never-ending? Not just with cold weather. It felt like January was an entire season long by itself. As such, my winter bucket list didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. The winter blues hit me hard this year, and it meant more netflix and cookie dough than I’d like to admit. Productivity hit a low point in gray January, so I didn’t “do” very much. 

And then I remind myself that this is a bucket list, not a to-do list, and that the point is soaking all the good out of life. So if the best I’ve got in the doldrums of January is walking the dog and cooking dinner and doing the minimum, then that’s just fine. Plus, there are the sweet nights with friends and spontaneous game nights: those small moments that make up the best parts of life.

One thing I DID manage to do this winter was head to Barbados for a friend’s wedding!

Spring Bucket List

  • Make carnitas, cream cheese pound cake, and homemade margaritas
  • Take a hike
  • Research and start prepping for our move this summer
  • Sit in the sunshine with a book and a cold drink
  • Eat at least one vegetarian or vegan dinner each week
  • Make a 2018 photo book
  • Marie Kondo the entire house!
  • Take some weekend trips to explore Route 66, Waco, and Tulsa
  • Have a picnic
  • Read An Everlasting Meal, Sacred Marriage, and Little Fires Everywhere
  • Watch a sunset
  • Refresh on Italian
  • Play board games
  • Plan date nights every two weeks

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