Want A Simpler Way to Use Destination Guides?Try This!

Whether you’re looking for destination guides, bespoke itineraries, or just a place to store your favorite travel finds, I’ve found the solution!

Want an easier way to use destination guides? Try Thatch!

Some of you may have noticed that my travel guides have slowed down in the past few months. I’ve been experimenting with alternate ways to get my travel advice and guides out there – ways that make them more streamlined but with all the same tips!

Enter: Thatch!

Thatch is a travel app that I’m obsessed with. It allows you to save places, restaurants, hotels, and more, categorize them and write notes. You can also make full detailed itineraries or a map view of all the highlights for a given trip.

The best part of Thatch is that travel creatives like me can offer guides to you in a quick and easy format! These guides are easy to use on the go, meaning you don’t have to endlessly scroll to find that lunch place you wanted to try.

Thatch travel guides are easy to use for planning your next trip!
List view of a guided itinerary
Thatch travel guides are easy to use for planning your next trip!
Map view of a board
Thatch travel guides are easy to use for planning your next trip!
List view of a best of the area board

I’ve set up my own travel shop on Thatch, meaning you can get guides I’ve put together for tons of destinations. I offer both free and paid options, meaning you can check them out to see how my destination guides here on the blog translate to a more mobile option!

These guides are living, meaning when I find a new favorite Venetian restaurant and add it to my guide, you’ll see it in there!

Using the app, I can also offer custom planning services: let me plan your trip! I can tailor trips to exactly what you want, focusing on the types of experiences you want to prioritize. Whether you want a list of the best restaurants in town or a detailed daily itinerary, I can offer you something that’s both personalized and useful.

Venetian bookstores

I love it for planning my own travels. It’s a great place to save that restaurant that your friend recommends when they come back from a trip but you don’t have any immediate plans to go. Or when you read about a perfect little town along Lake Garda but know if you save it in your phone, you’ll never find it when it’s time to plan the trip.

My point is: this app is legit even if you don’t plan to buy itineraries.

Check it out here! It’s free to sign up.

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