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Pizza and beer in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Company

Last week, I met a good friend of mine in Raleigh for beer and pizza at Trophy Brewing Company! She’s the kind of friend that we only see each other every six months or so, but when we do we just pick of where we left off and she continues to be one of my dearest friends.

Great beer and pizza in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Company
Beer menu plus appetizers. (Note the trophies above, for the name nudge nudge)

After battling my way through I-40 traffic to meet her (I was so late! Ack!), I finally met up with her. Trophy Brewing Company is this great hangout spot just past NCSU. We were there in summer, so I couldn’t tell what the student crowd was, but the place was packed Great beer and pizza in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Companyon a weeknight  and stayed that way for hours. The atmosphere is great for groups – inside there were birthday parties or tables with revolving groups of friends, and outside athletic teams grabbed drinks after practice or brought there dogs to enjoy the evening.

Trophy has about six beers on tap at any given time. Anna got Teacher’s Pet, an IPA. I’m not a huge fan of IPA, but she loves it and say its one of her favorites. I had the Kodafoam, a brown ale which they had just made available that day, and I loved it. It was smooth and very sippable.

After some good catch up time, we decided that we both needed dinner. Luckily, Trophy has a great pizza menu. There are lots of options, with a variety of types of pizzas: it’s more than just a ‘choose your meat/veggie toppings’ situation.  They’ve Great beer and pizza in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Companyalso got salads and appetizers, but their pizzas are where it’s at. All the pizzas have funny names, sort of like those high school superlatives we all loved and dreaded simultaneously. We got Anna’s favorite, the Best Dressed. It had three meats including lamb sausage, which was even better than I was expecting, plus spinach, onions, and mozzarella. The toppings were piled high, right as they should be on a good pizza. I will say that the crust didn’t impress me… it wasn’t bad at all, (and the toppings were amazing!) but I didn’t feel the need to scarf down the edge parts without any sauce on them. But I still thought it was good pizza, and a large is probably enough for 3-4 people – we got a large with more than half leftover. I just ate some more the other night, and when heated up in the oven it was pretty much just as good as the first time, which always impresses me in a pizza place.

Great beer and pizza in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Company

Another great thing about Trophy was that they didn’t rush us to eat and leave – we had our table for a couple hours, and we didn’t even order food at first, but the servers never pressured us to spend more or leave. They let us sit and enjoy the evening at our own pace, which I was really grateful for.

Great beer and pizza in Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Company

My only criticism was that it was crazy loud on the glassed-in patio. CRAZY loud. Loud as in I felt like I was yelling to catch up with her. I think it was actually quieter outside than where were sitting. The raucous atmosphere was fun to me, but be prepared to not have any private conversations if you go.

As always, no incentives were given to me to post this, and all opinions included are my own. I’m just doing it for the fun of it! 

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