Europe holds my heart.

The culture, the history, the vast amounts of life and food and nature and art to soak in. Spend as much time here as humanly possible! Here’s a few of my favorite places.

A must-do in Rome: the Colosseum!


Rome part 1 Rome part 2

Vatican City

Florence: guide • Florence: Duomo

San Gimignano


Cinque Terre

Spend a few days in the idyllic town of Chinon in the Loire Valley- its the perfect way to relax!!


Paris: Louvre • Paris: Eiffel • Paris: guide


Chinon, Loire Valley

Chamonix: guide • Chamonix: paragliding

Exploring London!

United Kingdom

London part 1 • London part 2 • London in a weekend

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Highlands



We spent a month in Europe after Logan took the Bar Exam. For more on that adventure as a whole, click here.

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