You may have the universe if I may have Italy.

– Giuseppe Verdi

The best of Rome!

Italy has always held sway over me. I was obsessed with Roman history and mythology as a kid, and studied Italian in college. Some of my favorite moments of our month-long European adventure were in Italy, and I ate the best meal of my life here! As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to love it, we now live here, just an hour outside Venice. I collect our Italian favorites right here!

Hiking the Dolomites

Rome travel guide

Prosecco Vending Machine

Rome travel guide

Rome: the Colosseum and Palatine Hill

Rome travel guide part 2

Rome: Pantheon & Musei Capitolini

Vatican city guide

Vatican City

Florence has SO much to offer! Here's some of my favorite things to do in Firenze! | Teaspoon of Nose

Florence: guide

Exploring Florence's Duomo is not to be missed on any trip to Italy! | Teaspoon of Nose

Florence: Duomo


San Gimignano

Food & travel blog | Teaspoon of Nose

Cinque Terre

Hiking the Dolomites: Falcade

Venzone Pumpkin Festival

Hiking the Dolomites: Falcade

Hiking the Dolomites

Bolzano is one of the classic jumping-off points for access to skiing and hiking in the Dolomites. Here are some of the best things to know before you go!


Hiking the Dolomites: Falcade

Marmolada, Queen of the Dolomites

Hiking the Dolomites: Falcade

A Weekend in the Dolomites

Living in Sacile

Arrived in Italy

Food & travel blog | Teaspoon of Nose

Sacile Apartment

Food & travel blog | Teaspoon of Nose

Cultural Differences Between United States and Italy

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