It’s been four years!

Today is our fourth anniversary! I can hardly believe it.

I know everyone says this, but looking back I feel like we were babies.

On one level, it doesn’t feel that long. But then I think about law school and realize we’ve accomplished a LOT in that time.

In his talk, our officiant encouraged us to remember that every day we choose to turn towards each other or away. That loving each other well means that we can choose to engage and listen and care and walk alongside and fight for each other every day, whether we’re bubbling over in affection and fun and love or it’s a struggle to show up.

Happy fourth anniversary!!
we’re pretty cool kids.

This anniversary represents a bit of a hinge in the phases of our marriage: I’ve finished up some intense jobs and Logan has killed it in law school. There’s a bit of a blank canvas ahead: we don’t even know where the Air Force is sending us yet! We’ve recovered from the past season and are excited about the openness of this next phase.

I haven’t talked a lot about our marriage on here, mostly because law school was hard and I didn’t feel like I could write coherently about the intensity of doing grad school and marriage at the same time. But I can say that four years in, that wedding day lesson has stuck with me. We got through the chaos and the never-ending responsibilities of jobs and school and adulting by choosing each other, every day.

Happy fourth anniversary!!

Thanks, love, for choosing me.

Photos 1 and 4 credit Robyn Van Dyke Photography; 2 and 3 copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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