Yes, There IS a Prosecco Vending Machine & You Need to Get There ASAP

No trip to Prosecco Road is complete without a visit to the prosecco vending machine! While it’s not on any map, I’m sharing how to find it and what to know before you go.

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One of the things I was MOST excited about when moving to this part of Italy was Prosecco Road. Like most Americans, I didn’t know much about the region other than it’s most famous and most delicious export, but I was thrilled to do some hands-on research. 😉

On my first visit, a few friends who’d been in the area longer played tour guide for us as we explored their favorite spots in Prosecco Road. The great part about this is I got to play tourist without needing to be in charge of finding our spots. I spent the entire drive glued to the window, soaking in the verdant hills dotted with terracotta roofs of adorable houses. The Prosecco region looks a lot like Tuscany, but with more hills and much more greenery.

Getting To The Prosecco Vending Machine

The easiest way to find the prosecco vending machine within the region is to head for Osteria Senz’Oste – both Apple and Google maps have this spot searchable. Depending on where in the region you come from, it’ll take 30-60 minutes to get there, in spite of only being about 20 miles from Aviano AB.

If you drive, make sure and soak up the views! Driving through the meandering roads offers some of the best shots of vineyards tucked into every spare inch of land.

Parking isn’t easy – there are about 15 spots amongst the vines, but if you don’t manage to snag those, just drive along the road and find a place to pull off. Usually, other cars have already started doing this and you can get right behind them.

Osteria Senz’Oste

Another darling but under-appreciated aspect of this particular hill is the honesty kitchen! An unstaffed market of sorts sits at the beginning of the trail up the hill – Osteria Senz’Oste literally means “tavern without a host.” Simply take what snacks you want and leave your cash in the drawer.

It isn’t measly sandwiches of questionable age on offer, either – you have your pick of olives, bread, cheese, salami, biscotti and more! Everything you need for a quintessentially Italian picnic. You probably won’t see the owner, but you might see his goat sticking his head through the window!

Prosecco Vending Machine

Finding the prosecco vending machine is easy – just follow the signs for prosecco up the hill! There are actually multiple vending machines at different spots on the hill, so keep your eyes out for the signs.

The bottles run from 10-30€, so there are options for whatever price point you want. Let’s be honest, most of us are choosing based on what has the coolest label! But here, it’s fine to do that because they’re all local bottles and are sure to be delicious.

The entire area is gorgeous and offers amazing views of the valley below. There’s even a “window” set looking out over the vines, perfect for those Instagram shots everyone gets.

Heading higher up the hill, there are folding tables and chairs set up amongst the vines, perfect for a picnic with friends. Some even have netting strung up to stay out of the sun if you’re like me and tend to get sunburned.

Near the second prosecco vending machine (the one higher up the hill), there’s also another machine with snacks. So you don’t have to run all the way back down the hill if you run out of breadsticks!

A prosecco vending machine sounds like something out of millennial heaven, and here it’s backed up with gorgeous hilltop views and the loveliness of drinking amongst the grapevines!

Would you buy wine from a prosecco vending machine? Let me know if you head out there!

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