Simple Meals Roundup

Today, I’m sharing a ton of recipes for simple meals you can make in even the most basic of kitchens!

Need an easy meal? Here are some simple meals you can pull together even in the most basic of kitchens or efficiency hotels!

Living almost three months straight in hotels has changed my perspective on eating simple meals. It became both boring and expensive to eat out every single night, especially when we didn’t have access to a car.

Every meal on this list has minimal ingredients – most that you can flex on depending on what’s in the grocery store or pantry. They’re all easy, meaning either quick to put together or a set it and forget it kind of thing. No specialty tools or weird supplies, and going minimal on the spice rack – no need to have 578,392 bottles on hand.

Simple Meals Roundup

This quick and easy frittata is an effortless breakfast (or dinner!) option that's sure to impress with minimal effort on your part! | Teaspoon of Nose

Quick & Easy Frittata

What’s easier than eggs for dinner? This is the ultimate easy dinner. Fancy scrambled eggs. Choose whatever veggies and seasonings you can get. Simple.

Hummus Crusted Chicken

You need about six ingredients and less than ten minutes of prep work for a delicious and healthy dinner. So when you’re sick of takeout but still can’t bring yourself to do much in the kitchen, this is your winner.

Rice Skillet

This one is great because you throw in whatever veggies you’ve got. The easy way to do it is to buy a spice blend – whatever you want, really – and use that instead of choose your own adventure, spice edition.

Mexican Grain Bowls

Need an infusion of healthy? These have more ingredients but nothing too complicated. Cook up some chicken, slice some veggies, and have a healthy flavorful meal prep option all week long!

These Mexican grain bowls are the perfect meal prep option to feed you delicious and healthy lunches all week long! | Teaspoon of Nose

Thai Stir Fry

Asian food with a three ingredient sauce? Oh yeah. Simple to throw together and based on a recipe given in a Thai cooking class. Plus, I’m addicted to it whether I have a full kitchen or not!

Spaghetti Sauce

Living it Italy, I’ll be the first to admit this not a traditional bolognese. But it’s a truly delicious American-style spaghetti sauce that you can dump all the ingredients in an let it simmer all afternoon. Plus, if you don’t have the seasonings, you can skip them – my mom makes it that way and it’s one of my favorite meals. Plus, you can make a massive amount and freeze the leftovers!

Penne with Summer Vegetables

Whether you treat this as a side dish or a vegetarian main, this is a great summer pasta. It’s delicious at room temperature, so I love it all summer long!

Quinoa Fried Rice

This is one of my husband’s favorites – and mine too. It’s so stinking good and not complicated. Plus, it’s really easy. If the hardest part is chopping carrots, you know you can make this happen for dinner tonight.

Homemade spring rolls are effortless dinner options for an ultra healthy, ultra-flavorful meal!

Spring Rolls

This one may look intimidating, but it’s actually so simple to prep. You need very little in the way of tools – just veggies, whatever protein you want, and wrappers!

Kitchen Sink Red Curry

Another favorite “toss it together” meal. Whatever protein and vegetables are in the house already. If you’re struggling to cobble together some vegetables, this is a great one to toss a bag of frozen mixed veggies in and call it a day.

Easy Thai Noodles

This stuff is so. freaking. good. And a throw-together meal. Want more protein? I’ll add cooked rotisserie chicken with another few shots of soy sauce to bulk this into a meal.

Egg Salad

Egg salad is my favorite for summertime lunches. I’ll make a batch on Sunday and eat it on toast or topping a salad all week long for a no-cook lunch!

Egg salad is a super versatile summertime lunch option that fills you up without weighing you down! A great meal when it's too hot to use the oven.

Simple meals are game changers in efficiency apartments or hotels. These are a few of my favorites!

Do you like roundup or menu posts like this? Let me know if this kind of content is something you want more of!!

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