Summer Bucket List 2021

If Memorial Day is the start of summer, let’s kick if off with a summer bucket list!

Summer bucket list 2021 at home and away

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Y’all, summer is here! I’m especially excited for this summer because it means a break from our 8 month lockdown 😳 (just writing that makes me a little queasy, and that doesn’t include the 3 months a year ago). But it means the chance to get out and about again! So my summer bucket list has plenty of ideas for both local exploring and travel options! 

Spring in Lockdown… Again

Sacile, Italy | Teaspoon of Nose

Spring was … good? Like much of the past year, it’s been a roller coaster of crazy things happening while still not leaving the house very much. 

Between lockdown and Logan and I taking separate trips to the US, there was zero sense of pattern or routine. But the good news is that the lockdown started lifting at the beginning of May! 

I managed to squeeze in walks with friends, a few coffee dates, a day trip to Venice, and a weekend away to Lake Garda! And honestly, it felt just as good to do small things like eat on a restaurant patio as it did to take a weekend trip. 

Of course, the big news is that I spent a few weeks in the US! It was my first visit back in two years. Originally I’d planned to not go back during our time in Italy. My theory was something along the lines of “barring any crazy life events, I’d rather host family here and maximize Europe time.” I think we can call the past year a collective crazy life event, yes? 

Visiting family was fantastic. I timed the trip around a wedding and family reunion, so I soaked in seeing most of my family in one place AND eating all the barbecue, Thai and mexican food I could get my hands on! 

burger eating
My visit to the US was all about seeing family and eating food!

Italian Summer

Things are still a bit unclear for the summer, of course. Regulations are easing, and it certainly helps that both of us are vaccinated, opening many more travel doors. 

That being said, all that lockdown time has been ridiculously motivating. We’re planning to fill every weekend with something fun, even if that’s just heading up into the Dolomites for a lovely mountain lunch. We’re feeling very carpe diem about our remaining time, regardless of how long or short that ends up being. 

starfish on the beach

Summer Bucket List

Lake Garda, Italy
Exploring Lake Garda on our first weekend with lessened lockdown!

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