Winter Bucket List Check In

Can someone please explain to me how it’s already most of the way through January? Of 2018??? I know it’s trite, but seriously, WHAT IS HAPPENING. Between holiday celebrations and the new year seeming to disappear without a trace, my winter bucket list has made slow progress.

What's on your winter bucket list? | Teaspoon of Nose

By my count we’re halfway through winter. Unlike the calendar officially says, I’m defining winter as December, January & February. By March I’m ready to move on to spring, and the weather here in Oklahoma certainly has.

Until spring weather arrives, here are my winter bucket list updates!

What's on your winter bucket list? | Teaspoon of Nose

Winter Bucket List

  • Introduce Wedge to snow: Sadly, we haven’t had any yet! Despite many days of below-freezing temperatures, we haven’t had any real precipitation yet. Fingers crossed!
  • Make Christmas cookies: Twice! You can see our cookie adventure with my favorite Altus two year old.
  • Read Big Magic, Love in the Time of Cholera, and Surprised by Scripture: Can I make a confession? Love in the Time of Cholera was a little disappointing. I know it’s this epic romance of lifelong love, but I didn’t like or even really trust the male lead.
  • Make homemade pasta, macarons, and hot cider: Zero for three so far, but I got a pasta roller for Christmas so this will happen soon!
  • Look at christmas lights: Naturally. In multiple states.
  • Spend a snow day watching movies: Sort of? No snow, as mentioned. But I did take a hard core rest day on a recent Sunday and barely left the couch. It was a lovely way to transition from the holiday season back into the real world.
  • Make a 2016 photo album: Progress! This seems to be the project that gets pushed off the list each day. But we’re getting there.
  • Photograph weekly: This was a fun challenge in December, when there’s constantly events or beautiful decorations. It’s harder to bust out my camera regularly when life revolves around my house, so less.

Whether you leave them out for Santa or eat them all yourself, these sugar cookies are the perfect Christmas cookies! | Teaspoon of Nose

There’s still more than a month left to make progress on these, and I’m especially excited about homemade pasta making an appearance. We’re also trying to squeeze in more weekend adventures pre-deployment. We spent MLK day in Dallas, so check back soon for some Texas photos!

How are your winter goals going? Did you make a winter bucket list?

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10 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List Check In

  1. You can take some of our snow, for sure! We’re in a blizzard warning right now, and I’m more than happy to help you cross off those items on your bucket list!

    1. Ha isn’t that the way it goes, that people who get the snow don’t want it! Mostly I just want to see my dog experience it for the first time. I think it’ll be adorable.

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve literally pulled it from my shelves and had it sitting on my desk this week, so hopefully I’ll start it soon!!

  2. I just came from Colorado, I would’ve sent you some snow. 😂 but for real, I had a winter bucket list as well. I wish I would’ve looked at this list to remember to make hot cider.

    1. Remembering to do seasonal things is half the reason I make these lists! I didn’t make cider this year either, womp womp. There’s still time if it stays cold though!

  3. it has been a weird winter for week in the 40s the next we get a feet of snow with single digit temps. But this looks fun!

    1. Good luck with the weather! I feel like single digit temps is unfair unless there’s snow, but even the snow gets old if it’s too cold!!!

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