Winter Bucket List

A winter bucket list to celebrate the holidays, the new year, and beyond! 

Winter Bucket List - chock full of fun for the cold weather! Holidays, New Years, and winter!

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Looking back at the fall bucket list, it seems like I accomplished almost nothing “festive” for fall. None of the classic fall activites happened, except for one: I hosted Thanksgiving! It was my first time doing the entire meal and I had a blast! My guests were champs for letting me experiment a little, but it all turned out pretty well. 

But the important things did happen: I traveled a TON, my husband came back from deployment (!!!), we moved into a new home, hosted some family, and threw a Thanksgiving dinner for friends here in Oklahoma.

If you go to Philadelphia, you absolutely have to see the historical parts of the city.! Things to do in Philadelphia | Teaspoon of Nose
Exploring Philadelphia

Travel highlights included Philadelphia, New York City, and San Francisco (more on that soon!). In the month of October alone I spent time in 10 US states – that’s some kind of record for me! 

This winter, I’m looking forward to creating some new routines. I’m still getting used to the constant upheaval that military life seems to always bring – after all, the new rhythms we’re creating now will only last about 6 months, but that’s pretty good for the moment! 

Snow days are the best days!

Winter Bucket List

  • Make a Christmas craft
  • Knit a hat
  • Introduce Wedge to snow
  • Drive around to see Christmas lights
  • Finish unpacking our new house
  • Make maple bacon biscuits, a new years cocktail, and soups
  • Have a movie marathon day
  • Build a snowman
  • Read: Cold Tangerines, Nine Perfect Strangers, and Where the Crawdads Sing
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Plan a fun date night in every two weeks
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Cook brunch at home
  • Set goals for 2019
  • Host a party for my friends
  • Make a 2018 photo album
  • Escape the cold with a trip to Barbados! 
Looking for easy DIY Christmas ornaments? These are kid friendly and made out of old Christmas cards! | Teaspoon of Nose

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What’s on your winter bucket list??

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