Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Teaspoon of Nose! 

We’re taking a bit of a break from the blog to celebrate and enjoy the next few days. I hope you do too! 

We’re spending Christmas in town, taking it easy. I’m excited for our little celebrations, including a homemade version of our annual Chinese food Christmas Eve feast and a pasta Christmas dinner! 

(Who here is surprised that our celebrations revolve around food?)

These Reese's peanut butter cookies are addictive - you can't stop eating them! Plus, they're easy to make if you've got kiddos who want to bake with you. | Teaspoon of Nose

My hope for you this Christmas is that it’s a time of reflection on what matters. The season so easily turns into obligation and spending money on “stuff” for the sake of expectation. But here’s to embracing the joys in life, the gifts we’ve already been given, and recognizing the meaningful relationships we have. 

This DIY ornament wreath is a fantastic little DIY that you can put together in an hour for an elegant bit of Christmas decor! | Teaspoon of Nose

If you’re looking for something fun family DIYs, try these: 

Looking for a special Christmas breakfast treat? This is my favorite Christmas Morning Coffee Cake!

Need foolproof recipes for the holidays? Try one of these for a Christmas feast or a fun family cooking project! 

Puerto Vallarta makes for the perfect Mexican vacation spot: plenty to do, beautiful scenery, and the space to relax with a fruity drink! Here's why you should DEFINITELY check out Puerto Vallarta for your next Mexican vacation! | Teaspoon of Nose

Want to plan a trip with that Christmas money? How about 

Or maybe you need some stationery to write those thank you notes. Try these for bespoke thank you notes full of personality! 

We’ll be back in action in a few days after a break. We’ve got a cocktail fit for your New Year’s Eve dreams, best reads of 2018, travels in San Francisco, and so much more coming up soon! 

If you want to chat, I stay pretty active over on Instagram. Let’s be friends!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!  

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